100% ratings from CA Taxpayers Association

Fighting for Our Families!

Spent decades helping working class families
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Earned 100% ratings from the CA Chamber of Commerce and the CA Manufacturers Association

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Worked to keep our middle class from being squeezed out of our public universities

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Co-authored Jessica’s Law, Supported SB 105 to help keep felons out of our neighborhoods

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Co-authored SB 5 to stop gas tax hikes; “A” Rated by Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Assn.

Our opponents are well funded, but with your help, we can win. Any amount you can chip in is appreciated!

About Bob Huff

CA Senate Republican Leader (Ret.)

Bob served as the Senate Republican Leader in the California State Senate and represented the 29th Senate District covering portions of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. He is an experienced businessman and an accomplished legislator who advocated for streamlining government regulations that strangle job creation. The Senate Republican Leader Emeritus has served in a number of other key leadership positions within the Senate, including Republican Caucus Chair and Vice-Chair of the Senate Budget Committee. In the Assembly from 2004-2008, Bob Huff also held leadership positions of Whip, and Republican Caucus Chairman.

bob and Mei Mei Huff

CD-39 Residents for Decades!


We need many volunteers for phone banking, placing yard signs, precinct walking, etc. Can you help?

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