Democratic dread: Party tries to keep California’s odd election rules from denying them the U.S. House

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is trying to spread fake news:


“The DCCC is now running an attack ad against Huff from the right—“he huffs and he puffs, but would make your taxes go up.” Two Democratic Party-affiliated political action committees followed suit with their own spot, painting the Republican as a tax-happy moderate.

Huff calls both ads “ludicrous” and, given his conservative political leanings, “ironic.” But he says they aren’t unexpected given California’s election rules.

“It’s the wild west at its best with the jungle primary,” he said. It “gives political operatives with money an opportunity to choose who they want to run against. It’s clear they don’t want to run against me.”

Original article: Ben Christopher, CalMatters

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