January 11, 2018



Bob Huff has represented Los Angeles County in the State Legislature since 2004.

Prior to his service in the Legislature, Bob served on the city council from 1995 to 2004.

With his nine years of experience in local and regional government, and twelve years in the State Legislature representing Los Angeles County, Bob Huff has demonstrated an ability to work across party lines to improve our lives.

Bob’s efforts to improve the local jobs climate while fighting onerous regulations and frivolous lawsuits earned him 100% ratings from the Chamber of Commerce, California Manufacturers and Technology Association and National Federation of Independent Business.

The California League of Cities named Senator Huff their “Legislator of the Year” for his efforts to protect local government’s authority to create economic opportunity for their residents.

The founding chairman of the Alameda Corridor East project, Bob was recently honored by Mobility 21 for his leadership on Southern California Transportation issues.

Bob’s efforts to keep taxes down on working families and small businesses earned him 100% legislative vote ratings from the California Taxpayers Association and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

To improve our schools, Bob wrote the nationally recognized “Parent Trigger Act,” expanded school choice for parents and students and provided more funding for public charter schools.

Bob was also a lead negotiator on the statewide water bond and helped secure groundwater contamination funding for a super fund site in the San Gabriel Valley.

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